Love Handles How to Get Rid of Them


Love Handles -Love Handles How to Get Rid of Them

How to get rid of love handles, now that’s a good question.
First let me just mention that ''when you hear of obliques they are referring directly to the area we call the love handles''.

Yes, that flabby belly fat area that runs down each side of our torso that seems impossible to lose.

In this page I will show you how to get rid of belly fat around the obliques.
If you been reading through this site you know that to lose belly fat you have to exercise and diet properly.

And you must lose fat all over your body in order to show your 6 pack abs.
This is true, but, with the obliques there is a way to directly target fat loss in the love handles. “Yeah right, How?” you might think. The answer Ab-Aerobics.

The Love Handles Concept

Let me explain this new concept.

When doing an oblique exercise you primarily use the small muscle to the side of the belly and the abdominal muscle (those in the front of your belly) in a secondary function.
so when the smaller oblique muscle get tired after about 30 seconds or so, the larger abdominal muscle take over and can sustain the movement much longer taken that they are used in a secondary roll.

This creates an aerobic effect on the love handles, meaning the body changes to a fat burning system.

When you start an exercise, sugar is used as fuel for the first minute. After a few minutes, mostly fat is used by the body as fuel.

Thus one must work out the abs non-stop for at least two to three minutes and the oblique exercises are the only one that will allow you to do so.

For targeted fat loss around the love handles a fairly low intensity of oblique exercises is needed.

High intensity will not target fat loss around the belly.

Instead like aerobics it will burn the fat from all over the body. Also, the abs aerobics method will not build muscles size.

Which is good because the obliques develop very easily and in some people too easily which is why they are rarely trained.

If trained too hard or intense, the muscle will grow giving you a wider waist.

People with naturally small waist don’t need to worry about this but for people with a naturally wider waist, the ab aerobic method will not make the obliques grow. A small tight waistline will be the results.

Now For The love Handles Workout

Before I get to the love handles exercises let me just clear up one point.
This workout will help to give you a flat belly but it is only effective if you combine it with a fat burning workout.

To speed up results use it at the end of your metabolic resistance workout or on your off days.

The Love Handles Routine.

The exercises must be performed at a low enough intensity to allow for at least ten minutes of continuous movement.

The ab workout itself should not exceed 30 minutes. Try performing the routine first thing after your flat-belly-exercises workout or on your off days. But no more than twice a week.

1. The Twist :  Many men and women use the broomstick twist, though few do it as an exercise for the obliques.

Most trainers think it is a great way to stretch or warm up.

Misguided as their intentions are, this is none the less a perfect exercise for love handles.

There are three variations on this movement: standing, bent-over and on a decline bench.

The standing variation is the best to use for ab aerobic.

To do the standing twist, place a broomstick or bar ( many gyms now have bars with a bend in the middle which make this exercise much more comfortable) over your traps (the back of your neck).

Your hands should be about 4 inchs wider on each side than your shoulders. Plant your feet wider than shoulder width as well for extra stability.

Keep your hips and face forward at all times. Twist clockwise at the waist until the end of the stick or bar closer to your left hand passes your nose.

Reverse and twist counter clockwise until the end of the stick next to your right hand passes your nose. Think of this movement in terms of wringing water out of a towel only you are wringing fat out of your love handles.

Be sure you have plenty of room around you before starting. The last thing you want to do is crack someone across the face.

Again do the exercise with sufficiently low intensity so that the movement can sustain for at least ten minutes.

2. Side Bends :  Stand with feet more than shoulder width apart to stabilize your body as you bend from side to side.

A regular stance might send you toppling over and prevent you from fully contracting the muscle.

You must be careful, as you execute any bends, to pull the oblique muscles in tightly toward your body prior to fully crunching down on it.

Without this type of control your sides might develop a thicker appearance. Point each toe outward, bent the knees slightly and keep your back relatively straight.

Raise your elbows away from your body to give you room to bend on each side. Bend your torso to the right as fully as possible.

Tense the muscle on the right side and repeat the motion to the left.


Performing this routine at the end of your regular workout will greatly increase its efficiency.
Plus it will act as a cool down, especially if you do it at the end of your interval training.

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