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Losing Weight With The Diet To Go Program – My Review

So who is Diet To Go

Diet To Go is a long running service from way back in 1991. They provide freshly prepared nutritionally balanced meals which are tasty and convenient to dieters. Nowadays Diet to go ships to any location in the US. Optional local pickup is available ¡n Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay or Baltimore/Washington DC area. All their meals are low ¡n sodium, low in cholesterol and low in fat. Their popular plans also include diabetic options.

How Diet-go-to works
Pick a menu

Diet To Go

With Diet To Go non gimmick pricing and award winning chef recipes, there is no doubt that Diet to Go will work for you. With three different meal plans and alternatives, hundreds of delicious but healthy meals, there is a plan to fit your taste, budget and weight loss goals. You will not have to prepare any complicated meals, don’t have to count any calories, and no annoying meetings you have to go to. The only thing you will do is  eat wile you cut down your weight.

At least so they say. Lets have a closer look past the marketing hype and start which the meal plans Diet To Go has to offer. 

Each plan comprises of 5 weekly menus repeated in a five-week cycle, therefore each month and every week is different. You can get started by selecting from one of the three menus which are:
1. Traditional Low-Fat Diet Meal Plan

This includes meals with Low fat. They are well balanced and portion controlled. All the sides are included. This is a great plan for people that would like to lose about 2 lbs each week, those that like a variety of fresh and low-fat meals and diabetics that are seeking for a diet meal plan which is safe to them.

2. Vegetarian Diet Meal Plan

This plan contains meals which have low fat and are balanced. Consists of Ovo-Lacto meals which contain eggs and dairy. The plan is intended for people that want to loose 2 lbs each week, love fresh vegetarian meals and diabetics that would like to have a safe diet meal.

3. Low-Carb Diet Meal Plan

This is an Atkins style diet plan with a great variety of low carb meals. The meals allow you to take only 30 carbs each day. The low carb diet plan is great for someone that want to cut up to 2 lbs each week, and does that have a good understanding of a strict low-carb menu.
After selecting a diet plan which fits you. The next step is to complete the online ordering process. The service contains no hidden charges and/or contracts. In case you aren’t sure about the plan that would be best for you or have any questions, you can call the customer service for assistance

How much does Diet To Go cost?

Prices vary with the various meal plans. The Price per traditional meal starts at $6.81; and the cost for each day starts at $18.80. These prices are the same for the vegetarian meal plan and for the low carb meal plan, the cost per meal starts at $7.84 whereas that for each day starts from $21.28. The shipped orders cost an extra of $18.95 for shipping.

Receive your diet plan

Meals usually are delivered directly to your home or offices by UPS or FedEx. Local pickup locations are offered by Diet to Go in some selected metropolitan areas. If you pick it up your self, you can save on shipping cost and therefor save a chunk of money.

I chose the  Traditional Low-Fat Diet Meal Plan. It was deviled in a polystyrene cooler, with nonperishable items in a cardboard box. The entire package was shrink-wrapped together and is a full week worth of food. Lucky me i had a separate cooler as i would other wise never be able to stuff all that in my regular fridge freezer. This is something you have to consider before you decide to sign up with the program.

My Diet To Go Review

Every plan has a 1200 or 1600 calorie version. I went with the 1600 calorie plan which gave me still some room to snake here and there and don’t feel hungry all the time as this most likely will be the case If i would have chosen the 1,200 calorie diet, because that’s a huge difference from my usual 2500 to 3000 calorie intake.

The food it self tasted from ok to good and the only think I was not able to eat was a desert which made me almost puke. My main complain is everything meal is frozen together into one container which makes heating the meals up in the microwave difficult. To counter this when I received my meals I took all the fruit cups and other side dishes out and put them in my regular fridge to have them defrost which made it taste a lot better then defrosting them in the microwave.

Speaking of unpacking. Everything is is wrapped together to one meal and then wrapped again individual. Leaving a huge amount of trash and some difficulty unwrapping it all.

The bottom line is it still beats going grocery shopping every week and preparing and cooking it your self, which is a huge time saver at least for me.  All the work is done by the Diet to Go dieticians and chefs and I did not have to worry about anything else then heating and eating.

My Final Thoughts

Overall I find Diet To Go very appealing and will keep using them for a wile longer. I did lose a little, but not the advertised 2 lbs a week. I did snack here and there and had my occasional beer. The cost is reasonable and not much more then I would have spend shopping and cooking my self. The meals where tasting for the most part good and what you would expect from a service like this.

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