how to make bigger chest

 How to get a bigger chest
get bigger chest,
get bigger chesr

1) Bench press
(10 reps 3-4 sets comfort 2min)

Hold your wrist straight above your elbow in the bottom position. Take back your shoulders, move your feet into the ground, squeeze the bar and bind your lamps. Un-rack then reduces the bar in your chest control. Explosive drive back up

"The problem with bench press is that most men are focused instead on how much weight they are stimulating their chest," says physiologist Tom MacCormick. "It can promote your ego, but it will not increase your pecs.

 Instead of focusing on external focus, look inside. When you press, focus on the amount of stress you put on top. Feel as low as muscle strain Focus on doing this, below, make sure you are using your chest to gain weight. You may have to lose weight first - but it increases your peak.
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2) close-grip benches
(8 reps 3-4 sets the rest of 90sec)

Hold a shoulder width on the bar. Take back the blade of your shoulder contract your bead to bind your torso and gradually lose weight on your chest. Take back the weight position explosively.

 "Since most people begin their chest training with the bench press, they end up developing their lower chest unevenly." 

"Studies show that the sternocostal head [lower chest] is activated with broad grip in the widely flat or dotted bench press. The clavicular head [upper chest] is more active using the inclination between 30-60 degrees, While some studies show that a compressed grip increases this activation. 
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3) cable fly
(10 reps 3-4 sets the rest of 60sec)

Lie on a bench set to two-cave pulleys with a 15-degree incline with the rope attachment. Understand the ropes and turn slightly in your elbow, as long as you do not feel the strain in your chest, reduce your arms to the sides in a wide arc. Begin the steps by contracting your pecs.

"Most people fly exercises with dumbbells using a neutral grip," says McCormick. "It is sub-optimal for two reasons. First of all, the category in which the muscle is in tension with the dumbbell is small because gravity is not directly working on the load for the second part of the movement. 

It is best to separate the peak or not to be the best, and the cable machine is a better option for flying with the bottom hold with the palms. Provides Chun and constant stress. You can add the external rotation of the arm at the beginning of the movement to increase to more strain and activation.
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4) Smith Machine Incline Press
(8 reps 2-3 sets the rest of 60sec

Set the adjustable bench to 30 degree - 45-degree incline, and rotate it in the center of the Smith machine rack Understand the bar with an overhand, shoulder-width grip. Unlock the bar, reduce it to the upper part of your chest, and press directly.

5) Incline Dumbbell Fly
(10 reps 2-3 sets the rest of 60sec)

Set an adjustable bench at 30 degrees -45 degrees, and lie on it with one dumbbell in each hand. Turn your wrist so that your palms face each other. 

Push weight directly on your chest, then, lean slightly in your elbow, open your arms as if you were going for a big bear's throat. Reduce your arms until you feel stretched in your peak, then bring the weight together on your chest.

6) flat Dumbbell fly
(8 reps 2-3 sets the rest of 60sec)

Lay back on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Keep a little turn in your elbows and widen your arms, reduce the weight until they are even from your chest.

Pick your pecs flex and weight back in the initial position.
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7) Lower chest cable
(8 reps 2-3 sets the rest of 60sec)

Stand between two face cable stations and attach a D-handle to each of the low pulleys. 

With each hand, a handle and elbows slightly inclined, raise your arms out of the waist height in front of your chest, flake your peak because you bring them together.

8) Plate chest press out
(8 reps 2-3 sets the rest of 60sec)

Put a pair of lightweight plates together between your palms in front of your chest, on the smooth side. 

Squeeze the plates together, focus on your chest, and press your front until your arms are stretched.

Throw your lbs and pull the weight back onto your chest. Complete your representative and then, on the second set, press the weight down with your chest at 45-degree angle.

On the third set, press them at a 45-degree angle upwards.
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