Protein sources For Faster Fat Loss full detail

5 Best Protein For Faster Fat Loss, More Muscle, And Energy
Fat loss and achieving lean, strong, youthful body is not about Starving yourself or spending hours in the gym, rather, it is about eating the right foods that: energize you, fill you up, give you the most nutrients per calorie.

Protein foods happen to be the best micronutrients for achieving all three of those goals.

They’re a pivotal component of any diet aimed at improving your body composition and anti-aging, fat-burning hormones which is really important.
Carbohydrates and fat are also important and provide many body composition benefits, but protein deserves special attention because-

 > It raises your metabolism because it costs the body more calories to process protein than carbs or fat.

 > It filling because eating it Because of the release of gut hormones that keep you satisfied.

 > It also helps manage blood sugar and insulin, decreasing craving for carbs.

 > It triggers Protein synthesis, preserving ( or building )  lean muscle mass, so your body burns more calories at rest.

All protein sources are not created equally. foods differ in regards to their digestibility and nutrient content, which is why the two most important questions you should ask before putting a food  in your mouth are:

1) Is this food nutrient rich?
2) Can my body digest this food easily?

The 5 most nutrient-rich, digestible protein sources and how they can help you to lose fat, build muscle and have more energy.

1) Eggs:-

Eggs are a perfect source of protein, scoring highest on the scientific scale for protein quality because they provide a wealth of amino acid ( L-leucine) that are used by your body to repair muscle tissue.

Eggs also contain-
- Powerful brain nutrient( choline)

- Beneficial pad and Vitamins (D, K)

- Antioxidants that reduce inflammation

- Improve insulin health and metabolism.

it's a superfood that will keep you satisfied and promotes optimal body composition. by the way, referring to whole egg, not just the egg whites.

Nature made eggs perfect because it contains all the essential amino acid, with the yolk and white forming the perfect blend together. If you’re worried about an increase in cholesterol, eggs do increase cholesterol- But the good HDL cholesterol.

Myth:- It's a myth that eggs are bad for you. Just make sure they are from cage-free, antibiotic- free and pasture- raised chicken. And darker the yolk, the better the egg.

2) whey protein isolate:-

You probably know that whey protein is the best sports protein because it stimulates muscle building Protein synthesis more than all other resources.

where is highly digestible and contains the best amino acids that are involved in muscle building, metabolism and immune function?

Whey is great for fat loss and has been used in clinical settings to:

- Cure diabetes

- Stimulate  mitochondrial activity( more energy)

- Reduce blood pressure

- Fix your gut

- Prevent muscle loss in the elderly

- Treat cancer

- And also improve blood flow, cholesterol levels, and bone health.

The best type of whey protein is ‘’rBHB(hormone free)/ Soy free, grass fed ISOLATE’’,
Which contain no hormones, Antibiotics or sugars. it's easy to digest and causes no bloat or stomach discomfort.

3)Grass-fed,grass-finished beef (BISON):-

We provide an excellent profile of essential amino acids and it performs well in metabolic studies.grass-fed (versus grain-fed or Conventional)  beef is abundant in non-protein nutrients.

It’s high in:-

- Omega 3 fats that are also found in fish
- Carnitine( fat loss)
- Glutamine( muscle builder, immune booster)
- Glycine and  glutathione( immune boosters)
- CLA ( anti-inflammatory, anticancer, fat loss.)

Now, bison/buffalo over beef (cow) because:-

- Leaner Meat
- Better for the environment
- They are treated a LOT better than cows
- Less in saturated fat.
everything about bison is better than beef/cow meat


Wild Caught, Salmon is the best fish and probably one of the healthiest sources of protein. it has all the correct amino acids and it's also high in Omega 3 fats, which as you may know, which is very good for inflammation, your body, skin, hair, Eyes, brain, and heart.

Salmon is one of the safest fish and typically has the least contaminants and mercury out of all the cold-water fish. and as far as seafood is concerned, stay away for all shell-fish ...They're ‘’bottom fenders’’and cause more harm than good to your body…

5) Non-traditional protein sources:-

Some of my favorite and healthiest protein sources are from vegetables, collagen, and bone- broth.

Now, these may not always have the ‘’highest quality of protein per gram, but in my opinion, they are one of the healthiest. Bone-broth and collagen proteins are amazing for your joints, skin, hair, muscles, and digestion.

And vegetable proteins are also fantastic for overall health and longevity, let alone the environment and humanity.

In fact, over half of protein comes from these sources. and this is because there's a limit how much animal Protein you can or should have, Especially for someone who carries a lot of muscle mass and requires a lot more calories and protein.

Some vegetable proteins Come from pea, hemp and alfalfa protein, which is actually custom made for great tasting protein powder.

And if you say hey what's about chicken and poultry?

You’ll notice I didn't list chicken or poultry because I think it's an unhealthy animal, especially the way they’re raised and processed in today's society.

For one thing, poultry is the only protein source that you cannot eat raw. You can with all the others, including beef.

This is because 98% poultry is riddled overheat arsenic and bacteria, including Salmonella and E.coli.Besides, chicken is fake these days….. it's plumped and filled with saline to make look bigger.

They are genetically altered to have huge breasts, which means they can't even walk. There are almost no such things as free-range or organic.

If you’re going to eat some chicken, going to eat fish make sure it's Kosher, antibiotic- free and posture- raised Which is the healthiest form of poultry.
and finally, don't eat the same protein source all the time, change it up to mix it up and listen to your body.

The most important aspect of eating protein and improving your body composition and health( less fat, more muscle) is because of the improvements in your hormones.
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