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Protein powders weren’t important because of the proteins value that's not why we consume protein powders. To be completely honest you see the benefits of protein powder come from the insulin spike when we consume protein, we have an insulin spike.

just like, if we were to consume carbohydrates, in fact, it’s even more, so protein is What is called Something that it’s insulin. meaning it causes a spike in insulin when you have that spike in insulin it opens the e cell doorways so the cell can be receptive to whatever nutrients are in play in this case protein.

So when you consume meat you don’t have a huge insulin spike when you consume protein powder it absorbs so darn fast that you spike your I, insulin and are more apt to absorb the protein that is why protein powder is beneficial.

Eating a lot of protein doesn't build muscle eating adequate protein in calorie surplus when your strength training very intentionally and with a lot of intensity over a period of time that builds muscles.

1. whey protein what it does:-

What it is, how it's made and whether you should be taking it. Protein powder made from WHEY is one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements in the world because it is rapidly digested and absorbed, which means it reaches your muscles very quickly after training.

This kick-starts the process known as muscle Protein synthesis, where the amino acid in protein are used to rebuild and repair the muscular damage caused by weight training. If you are serious about adding as much lean muscle to your body as quickly as possible then you should invest in a tub of high-quality whey protein.

A protein shake, Ideally made with whey powder and cold water or skimmed milk, taken within 60 minutes of the end of your training session, will flood your bloodstream with amino acids.

These are then shuttled into your muscles cells, Where they are laid down add new tips to make your Muscles bigger and stronger.

2.Whey protein the best protein for building muscle:-
It has quickly made its way to the top of the must have bodybuilding supplements list and most people don't realize that it is relatively new to the supplement game.

Whey has definitely been a welcome addition to the bodybuilding world and surely helped many trainers move towards their goals.

In the muscle building diet, it is often the relatively high levels of prescribed protein consumption that trainers have the difficult time achieving.

Whey Protein powder offers quick and quality protein source to the bodybuilders. They also come without the high saturated fat content that often accompanies another complete protein source like beef and eggs.

3.supplementation tips:-
Staying out of the gym and recovering will put far more muscle on you than any amount of money spend on supplements.

The biggest reason to use supplements is convenience. use them around workout and at times when you miss Meals/ do not have time to cook and eat real foods.

Whey protein is the NO. 1 supplement every bodybuilder must use. weight gain/ meal replacement is not an ideal choice.

Creatine is a proven strength building supplement. its worked for most people, but there are non- responders too. check if it works for you.

use fish oil/ krill oil for muscle blasting, hormone building fats.

4.more supplementation tricks:-

1. maximize your pre and post workout nutrition with whey proteins, maltodextrin or glucose polymers. they provide instant energy for muscle repair and growth.

2. avoid fats around workouts to blunt insulin response which would otherwise lead to more fat gain.

3. homemade muscle building shakes/ smoothies are delicious, money- saving and more effective than meal replacement Shakes which are loaded with Sugars and fats.

4. branched chain amino acids are proven muscle builders to be used pre and post workouts. also, use them with slow digesting casein protein powder before bedtime.

5. supplements create, at best, 20% of your muscle building results. real, Natural foods should be your first choice whenever possible.

5. Having protein before and after workout:-
Having protein before and after working probably does matter, however- it can help you build more muscle.

Some studies, such as those conducted by Victoria University, Baylor University,  indicate pre and post workout protein consumption does help build more muscles; whereas other studies found no such benefits, such as those conducted by the College of New Jersey and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Eating protein before bed is a good idea as well. not to prevent muscle breakdown, but to aid in muscle repair. digesting protein source before bed like casein powder or a dairy food source is going to lead to increasing muscle protein synthesis while you're sleeping.

now, this may help you build slightly more muscle or retain muscle more effectively in a deficit but compared to everything else you could be doing having your macros where they are keeping training intensity high recovering, hydrating, eating vegetables 150 other things it's probably unnecessary.

Protein shakes are necessarily substantially better and worse than whole food sources. The value in shakes in that they're convenient they're generally fairly low in carbs and fat and they're priced more affordably than most lean protein sources so shakes also recommend in bodybuilding field.

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