pre-post workout meal

                          pre-post workout meal 

Post workout: sandwich

Healthy sandwich wraps after exercise is really effective in your recovery.

Wraps made with whole grains bread and wholesome ingredients like turkey,
chicken, lettuce or tomatoes provide a good combination of complex carbohydrates, which won't give you a post-workout insulin surge, and proteins, which will help your muscle repair themselves for future growth and development.
 Adding mixed vegetables to your wrap will increase its nutritional value and the
 micronutrients you get from your post-workout meal.
Sandwich wraps are also convenient and portable.

 Pre-workout: caffeine:

   Caffeine is the no.1 most socially acceptable and frequently used drug. yes,
caffeine is a drug.

More specifically, it's an ergogenic aid, meaning caffeine helps the body perform better during physical activity.

In other words, caffeine gives exercisers a boost in energy so they push themselves harder.

Caffeine occurs naturally in some seeds and plants, the most common being coffee beans and cacao beans.

Historically, people have consumed caffeine mostly through coffee and tea, but manufacturers have started producing it chemically and adding it to numerous drinks and foods for its physical and psychological boost.

Most people are familiar with energy drinks, which reduce fatigue and improve performance.

And, many individuals now consume caffeine pre-workout, predominantly through energy drinks or gels, to reap the benefits of a more exerting workout.

A large body of evidence shows caffeine before a workout boosts muscle contraction, force production and thermogenesis (the metabolic where your body burns energy/calories to produce heat.)

All in all, caffeine is much more than just a molecule that 'perks' you up before you exercise. 

pre-workout: Bananas and oats:

  Bananas are like nature's own bar-they even come with their own wrapper.
Except instead of sugar, bananas are packed full of digestible carbohydrates and potassium.
potassium helps maintain nerve and muscle function, while digestible carbs are boost energy.

oats offer a great source of fiber, which offers a gradual release of energy-fueling carbohydrates into your bloodstream.

Viber also has some fantastic general health benefits and has been shown to help prevent heart disease and diabetes-just an added bonus of this fantastic pre-workout snack.

Pre-workout: sweet potatoes

  The phrase ''slow carb''is anything but sluggish when it comes to blasting fat.

Slow carbs are digested slowly, which keeps you feeling fuller and energized longer-and sweet potatoes are one of them.

Among the magic ingredients here are carotenoids, antioxidants which stabilize blood-sugar levels and lower insulin resistance, which prevents calories from being converted into fat.

And their high vitamin profile (including A, C, and B6) give you more energy to burn at the gym.

Protein before and after workout:

  Having protein before and after working properly does matter,however it can help you build more muscle.

Some studies, such as those conducted by Victoria university,Baylor university indicate pre-and post-workout protein consumption does help build more muscles; whereas other studies found no such as those conducted by the college of new jersey and manchester metropolitan university.

Eating protein before and after the bed is a good idea as well not to prevent muscle breakdown, but to aid in muscle repair.

Post workout yogurt:
   Not the sugar infused mainstream stuff is loaded with high-quality proteins.
 Protein is essential because it is a primary tool used by body to grow and repair tissues.

Protein is also helpful because it takes longer to break down than carbohydrates.

This means that protein continues to benefit your muscles during and after the workout.


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